Camera-Ready submission guidelines in Confy

Camera-Ready Guidelines: Download PDF

Papers should be written in English with a maximum paper length of 8 one-column pages for short papers and 14 one-column pages for regular papers including all figures. The maximum number of extra pages above the limit is 2 at an additional cost of USD 130 per page.

All papers must be formatted using Springer LNICST Author's Kit: see Authors's Kit for additional information about LNICST Springer manuscript format (click on "Useful Links" at the bottom of the page for MS Word template and TeX Style files).

IMPORTANT! when registering authors must use the same email address entered when uploading the initial paper via Easy Chair

Step 1: Register and Login

  1. Please ensure that you have registered to the conference via the conference website in order to upload your camera-ready paper. Please register using the same email as the one to which you received your notification of acceptance. This is necessary to let us match your registration with your paper.
  2. Go to the Camera-ready Confy web site at Login using the email on which you received the acceptance notification. You may need to register (using that same email), and click on the confirmation link that you'll receive to this email following registration. Alternatively, if you are already registered and forgot your password, please use the Reset Password function.
  3. Once you have logged in, you may also go to Edit Profile at the top right and update your profile as needed, this step is not required.

Step 2: Enter Paper Details and Upload Manuscript

  1. Select the conference from the left hand side to which you want to submit your camera ready paper. You can go to Conferences to view the fully expanded list of conferences to which you may submit. If you submit to a workshop, please select the host conference, the workshop will be listed as one of the tracks.
  2. After choosing a conference, go to Submit Camera Ready (top bar)
  3. Please provide the following details of your paper:
    • Title, Abstract and Keywords.
    • Co-authors of your paper (if any) and in the correct order.
    • The corresponding author.
  4. Upload the manuscript for your paper by clicking the Browse button.
    • Besides the PDF file, please upload an archive file (zip, tar.gz or rar) containing both the PDF and the source files (MS Word or LaTeX) of your paper, prepared according to Springer's guidelines. Please upload this as well as (not instead of) the separate PDF copy.
    NOTE: Failure to upload your camera ready paper in the required format(s) will result in your paper not appearing on the proceedings CD, nor in the digital library.
  5. Accept the condition and hit Confirm and Continue.

Step 3: Copyright

  1. You will be taken to the copyright page. You cannot complete your submission without signing the copyright form. This step is mandatory.
  2. Confy will automatically generate the Copyright agreement from the data you have provided on the previous pages. Check your data carefully and in case there are any discrepancies please correct them.
  3. When everything is correct, read the terms of the copyright agreement.
  4. Finally, hit Submit to submit the copyright form. You will receive an e-mail confirmation from ICST and an electronic version of the Copyright Agreement in a PDF file. This is the document that you must keep for further references.

You completed your submission

  1. Your submission is now complete. You will be taken to your submission page. If you need to make any further modifications on your paper, you may do so by hitting Edit Submission. Upon returning to the web site, you may find your paper by going to My Papers (on the left).